Saturday, December 24, 2005

Saturday 24th December

Exercise: 7km Run (Mullum Mullum Creek Trail) Okay who suggested that it would be a great idea to mix my drinks last night???? Do not mix champagne and Ouzo!! I've had minimal sleep, through no fault of my own! I got home from the Xmas party last night and fell asleep instantly on the bed. Hubby woke me up a while later so that I could take my clothes off that I was still wearing. He also suggested that I get up and have some berocca - good idea that one! Our daughter decided that it would be a good idea if she woke us up at 4am to tell us that there was thunder coming! From then on I don't think I got more than a 1/2 hours sleep. Hubby went and slept in her bed and she slept in our bed, waking me up every 10 minutes when she moved, or turned or coughed. I watched the clock tick around to 7am and then got out of bed as it was pointless just lying there. Had to meet the running group at 8.15am anyway, so I thought I'd better try and make an effort to lose the headache and get some food into me. The run was hard...way too hard after a night on the turps!! Had to cut it short at 7km as I couldn't run any more. My own fault I know!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!