Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday 4th December

Exercise: Sussan Womens Fun Run - 10km A late night last night followed by an early start this morning meant that I only got about 4 1/2 hours sleep, so not a great start to the day! Michelle asked me if I'd drive her car as she'd had a bit to drink last night, so she had to put up with me trying to destroy the gears in her car (I drive an automatic!!). We got to St. Kilda with plenty of time to pick up our race numbers, drop our bags off at the holding area and queue for the loos. Luckily the organisers were smart enough to realise that with it being a women's only race, it was their number one priority to ensure that there were plenty of toilets available....hats off to them! The race started right on time, and for everyone who had a great sleep in this morning, the race started at 8am!!! We were lucky enough to start near the front of the crowd, probably because we skipped out of the aerobics warm up and just went straight to the starting point! Both Michelle and I decided that we were just going to run a nice comfortable pace, we wern't out to break any PB's today. We'd both brought our MP3's along as well in case we needed a bit of a pick up (music always helps me run better). I wasn't going to turn mine on until I ran out of conversation, and at about the 6km mark I mentioned to Michelle about turning them on, only to find out that she'd had hers on the whole time. I hadn't thought of turning mine on quietly as I'm of the opinion that all running music needs to be very loud to drown out my gasping breaths!! So I turned it on quietly enough so that I could hear Michelle if she spoke to me and it got me through the last 4km's very nicely thank you very much! The last couple of km's were on a slight uphill gradient, but after running 8km's it felt like a 90 degree mountain!! Luckily the last 100 metres was downhill so we got a bit of speed up to run across the finish line. We did the 10km in 56.25 today, which was a whole lot better than our Olympic Dream 10km...we did that in 59.09, so running slowly and surely really makes a difference!! And I have to mention that it was a beautiful sunny and warm morning, so I can dispel all those comments about me always bringing the rain with me!