Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wednesday 23rd November

Exercise: 2 Laps Lilydale Lake (6km) Okay this is getting spooky now. I've really gotten over my chocolate fixation. Admittedly I am now taking enough food to work with me to feed an army, but at least it's all good food. And I don't always eat the lot either. Here's what I took yesterday: Cubed Cheese, Sultanas & Californian Walnuts Carmans Fruit & Nut Muesli Bar Muesli & Yoghurt Apple Salt & Vinegar Rice Crackers It was all small quantities as well. And I was too full to eat the apple. Then when I got home I made a Chicken Ceaser Salad. All good so far!! I've picked up a bargain too. This week they have Yellowglen Bella Champagne and Killawarra Dusk Champagne reduced and if you buy 6 bottles you get 10% off. I've now got a stash which should last me through to Xmas.....and if I don't put it in the fridge I know that it'll last a bit longer than if I did!!