Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday 10th November

A bit of harmless fun.... Twelve movies I like * Titanic (but only up to where they hit the iceberg) *Dirty Dancing *Meet Joe Black *Bridget Jones Diary *Top Gun *Two Moon Junction *Shawshank Redemption *Die Hard *Harry Potter (all of them so far) *The Matrix *Ghost *Pretty Woman Eleven bands/ artists I like *Sugarbabes *Prince *The Beatles *The Beachboys *Robbie Williams *Girls Aloud *Madonna *Manic Street Preachers *Any house music with a great bass *Elvis Presley *Blondie Ten things about me *I love drinking Champagne. *I want to give up work now and become a housewife. *I have been married and divorced twice before. *Me and my siblings are not close at all. *I dislike my sister. *I am very fussy about food...there's lots that I don't like *I have bleached my hair blonde for 20 years. *I have tried most types of recreational drugs *I want a kitten *I have had 19 Jobs Nine good friends *Helsy - Always good for a booze up. Miss her loads as she's in the UK *Jules - My bestest friend and running partner. Miss her loads too as she's in the UK *Kate - One of the UK girls- she's so sensible and she has a real calming presence *Lisa - She's so much fun, but always so busy. Another UK resident who I miss tons. *Margaret - My first "boss". Met her when I was 16 and we are still really good friends. She's my closest friend in Melbourne. *Michelle - My new found friend and running partner. It's amazing that we are so similar in so many ways. This will be a lasting friendship. *Kerry - Has been my friend since 1982. We lived opposite each other. Even though I moved away for 10 years, the moment I walked back in her door it was like we'd only seen each other last week. *Linda/Tracey - My Qld girlfriends who I haven't seen since I've got back to Oz. Must go and visit soon. Eight favourite foods *Chicken Ceaser Salad *Apple Pie & Devon Custard *Chicken Parmigiana *Potato Wedges with Sour Cream & Sweet Chili Sauce *Raspberry Licorice Choc Bullets *Herb Bread *Picnic Chocettes *Champagne Truffles (from Davina Chocolates in the UK) Seven Things I wear daily *Pefume: Feminine or Lou Lou *Swatch Watch *Earrings (always the same ones) *Makeup *Gold Necklace *Clothes *Shoes Six things I hate *Mushrooms *Rude people *People who drive too close to my boot *Cold weather *Being injured so that I can't run Five things I do daily *Straighten my hair *Cleanse and moisturise my face *Put Makeup on *Brush my teeth *Eat Four Shows I watch *House *Grays Anatomy *Australian Idol *The Biggest Loser Three places I have lived *England *Queensland *Canberra * To be able to run until I'm very old *Love, happiness & health One Person I want to see right now * I've got 4: Jules, Helsy, Kate & Lisa. I'd love to be able to fly back to the UK and surprise them all. Really miss our girly night's out!