Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday 24th October

Exercise: Day 2 Weights Program I was going to run this morning but for some reason I chickened out...god only knows why! So I'm going out tomorrow morning. I wonder if maybe I'm a bit worried that my hip is still going to give me grief and I'll do more damage to it. I really want it to get better as I'd hate the thought that I couldn't me shivers just thinking about it! Because there are no more 1/2 marathons until mid next year I'm going to start increasing my speed. There are plenty of 10km events coming up so I'll focus on getting under the 55 minute mark, and doing it regularly too. I've also been told that to run a good 1/2 marathon we need to be doing about 25km on our long runs, not the lowly 19 or 20kms that we've been doing in the past. Oh well, what's another 5km between friends!!