Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday 15th October

Exercise: Weight Program Day 1 I did my first day of the new program Mr Body Builder has set me. As I told him that I would do 3 days at the gym, he's given me a different routine to do each day. So here's Day 1 Bench Press Military Press with Dumbells Lateral PUll Down French Press Rotator Cuff with Dumbells Oblique Crunches Fit Ball Crunches When he first wrote the program I had no idea what half of the moves were and he had to stand in my office and demonstrate them. Luckily my boss was not in his office otherwise he might have raised his eyebrows at the sight! I'm off to do the 8km Spring into Shape run tomorrow. Good luck to all the Bloggers in Joggers who are participating in the Walk to Cure Diabetes!