Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday 7th October

Exercise: 73 Mins Run (12km) I can't understand why I don't just get out of bed every morning and go for a run. Today was perfect. Not too cold, not raining, hardly anyone around. It's such an easy thing to do - just put on some clothes, plug in the mp3 player and out the door we why don't I do it more regularly? Something I can't answer right now!! Hubby went into town today and picked up mine and Michelle's race kits for the 1/2 marathon on Sunday. He rang me afterwards and told me that he'd had to wait in a queue for 1 1/2 hours....oops!! Sorry honey, but thanks tons for doing it anyway. Isn't he great! Just checked out the weather for Sunday and it's definitely going to be cold and rainy!! Just my luck. Have I told you how much I hate running in the cold and rain? Can you tell I'm starting to get a bit excited about Sunday?