Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday 20th September

Exercise: 30 Mins Treadmill (5.24km), Arms, Situps I have a sore throat this morning....not good. Still managed to get up and go to the gym. I was going to run outside but the sky looked ominous and I really didn't want to get caught in the rain again, so drove to the gym instead. I received a survey in the mail yesterday from the gym. It asked a few basic questions about the place, so I answered the questions and then added an A4 sheet of paper describing exactly how I feel about the gym. I spend $20 a week to attend the gym and it is such a lifeless place. For the amount of time that I've been going there only 1 Receptionist knows my name. None of the instructors are very friendly and there is just no vibe when you walk in the door. So I told them all this in my letter. Wonder what they'll make of it!!