Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday 24th September

Exercise: 71 mins (12km) I nearly didn't go for a run today. Got up early (6am) and ate a couple of pieces of toast, but....had to wait for certain things to happen before I could actually run...ahem! So I eventually got out the door at about 9ish. I was going to do my long run today but we are babysitting my brother's kids as they were off to the grand final today and I didn't want to leave hubby alone too long, so I cut it short. Hopefully I'll do my long run tomorrow, depending on how I fare when I wake up in the morning! Yes, I've enjoyed watching the grand final today, with some good company, a good BBQ and some great champagne. Must remember to drink a pint of berocca before I get into bed (great hangover cure).