Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday 16th October

Exercise: 8km Run - Spring into Shape What a perfect day for running. The sun was out, there was a great crowd of people and a perfect venue to run. Ran the 8km in about 47 minutes, which is okay....not great, but okay. My hip started to play up at about the 6km marker but I managed to plod through to the finish. I'm definitely going to see someone who does deep tissue massage this week to see if I can some relief. I've also got some stretches that help too. Luckily the next race isn't until mid November so I've got a month to heal. Also Michelle had some surgery last week and can't run for about a month either so at least I don't feel like I'm abandoning her! Off to the gym in the morning to do Day 2 of my weights program! And did I mention what a perfect day it was in Melbourne today?? Not too hot, not too cold - just pleasant!