Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday 2nd November

Exercise: Day 1 Weights Program This is the first time I've trained since Saturday. Yet I don't feel guilty at all. Probably because I haven't eaten any crap over the long weekend...honestly guv!! I did have some champagne yesterday and a handful of chips but other than that it was all good healthy stuff. I even made my own fruit salad up last night to take to work for lunch included: Strawberries Watermelon Pears Apples Grapes Pineapple Kiwifruit I dumped some low fat vanilla yoghurt on the top and it was really filling. I've still got a bowlful in the fridge so as long as it hasn't gone too brown I'll take some more for lunch tomorrow. I've made the decision that if my hip isn't feeling any better after tomorrow's appointment with the Myotherapist I'm going to try a Sports Physio that I've been given the name of instead. See what they can do to help me. And I didn't win the cup sweep at work....I didn't even get 2nd or 3rd! And the TAB was so busy when I drove by that I didn't stop to put my $10 on Makybe Diva. Gutted! Summer has arrived with a vengence in Melbourne too...but isn't that just like Melbourne!