Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday 18th November

Exercise: Day 2 Weights Program So I chose Option 2. Taking the anti inflammatory pills, got the little raiser thing in my trainer and I've booked an appointment with the Physio. Unfortunately complete rest was not an option, and even though I'm not too bad with injections, I've heard about those cortisone ones, and Sue confirmed it in her comment yesterday.....they hurt like hell!! I'll see how I go with the pills etc. If that doesn't work then we'll look at one of the other options. I laid in bed this morning for 5 minutes having a huge argument in my head about getting up and going to the gym. That little devil in me was so convincing, encouraging me to stay in bed and get another hours worth of sleep, whilst that little do gooder on the other shoulder was trying so nicely to make me see that if I went to the gym it might make up for the popcorn that I ate yesterday and the lollies that I ate the day before.....and the do gooder won!!