Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wednesday 7th December

Exercise: Day 2 Weights Program I woke up every couple of hours last night and I was dreaming about Ebay every single time I woke up. I am selling some stuff on Ebay at the moment (snap Kathryn!!) and I've been up late the last few nights putting it all on. Even though it's great selling the stuff, nobody tells you that it takes ages to set it all up before uploading it onto Ebay. I've been shopping for trainers again. I wasn't looking for new trainers I have to tell you, but as I walked by Athletes Foot on Saturday they had some Saucony trainers out the front of the shop with a sale sigh on them. Now my favourite trainer of all time are Saucony, so it caught my eye immediately. And would you believe that they were selling my absolute bestest favourite model of the trainer too...this was just getting better. So I checked out the price and they had been reduced by 50%....did you get that....50%!! How could I refuse them! So I'm now a very happy bunny...and I'm considering going back to buy the other pair that they had in my size too, as these bargains don't come along every day you know! I've been trying to watch what I eat over the last couple of weeks. I've cut right back on my alcohol consumption and have been good most of the time when it's come to chocolate, lollies and cakes etc. And it's all been because of the Xmas do that I'm going to tomorrow night. It's for the travel agent that we use at work and the three PA's have been invited to go. It's at the MCG so it should be a real laugh. And you can win prizes holidays!! So I'm going to put on my lucky undies (I'll close my eyes and pull a pair out of the drawer) and hope that they pull my name out of the barrel. I want to have a few drinks and eat the food that's going to be available to me,and because I've cut right back on the crap food, I've told myself that I can justify letting my hair down tomorrow night.