Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday 12th December

Exercise: 10km Run (Outside) Well the Xmas party was fun. I got to see all the work that's being done for the Commonwealth Games. They're currently laying turf over the running track that's been put down so that they can play Cricket there. Drinks were aplenty (thank goodness). I must admit that I didn't eat too much of the food as there was quite a bit that I didn't like (fussy cow that I am). Not into scallops or Mushroom Tarts. I did enjoy the Peking Duck wrapped in paper and the Crumbed Chicken with Almonds was absolutely delicious. I followed that tray around the room a few times!! I've done no other exercise until this morning. What a beautiful morning to run. It was already 20 degrees when I ran out the door and it was considerably warmer by the time I got back home. I did work in the garden yesterday, mowing, pruning, pulling weeds out etc, so hopefully that helped a little bit. My schedule for the rest of this week is as follows: Tuesday: Weights at Gym in morning, Run in evening (with running group) Wednesday: Cross Training at Gym in morning Thursday: Run in morning Friday: Weights at Gym in Morning Saturday: Run with Michelle in afternoon. Sunday: Day Off At least if I write it down I've got something to work towards!!