Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday 30th December

Exercise: 5km Run (Treadmill), 30 Mins Cross Trainer (5.14km) I went to bed very late last night and didn't have the energy to go for a run this morning. I had quite a few things to do today, so spent most of this morning out and about. Hubby got home early and I could have gone down the gym then, but didn't. Spent a bit of time sunbathing (what was I thinking.....38 degrees!!). I finally pulled my finger out at about 5.30 and I'm so glad that I went. The gym was virtually empty and the air conditioning was on full blast....heaven! I have a weight which I try and never go above. If I do go above it I know that I need to do some really hard work to get back down below it. Well I went over that weight on Christmas Day. It's given me the kick start that I needed to get back down the gym and do some real sweat inducing exercise for a change. I've still got another kilo to lose before I'm under that maximum weight, but I'm working on it!