Sunday, January 01, 2006


A new year is always like having a blank canvas to work with. It's what we put on that blank canvas that makes the difference. The big question is always what do we want to do with that blank canvas!! I'm not usually one for making New Years Resolutions, and I'm not going to start now, but there are a couple of things that I'd like to achieve this year. 1. I want a toned body. Not like a bodybuilding type body, but one of the figure bodybuilding bodies. Maybe like this one.

Now this is going to take alot of hard work to achieve, and I know my past record for sticking to things when they get hard isn't great - BUT - this is my year and I need some goals, so this is one of them.

2. I want my running to get better. Michelle and I have both decided that we are not going to kill ourselves to get PB's for every race that we enter. We are happy to achieve the following:

Sub 2 hours for 1/2 marathons, Sub 60 minutes for 10kms and sub 30 minutes for 5kms.

We have also spoken about entering the Oxfam Trailwalkers event in 2007. This will mean alot of dedicated work throughout 2006 to improve fitness and overall stamina and strength.

So that's it with regards to my fitness...not much really is it???