Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday 17th January

Haven't done any exercise at all since Friday night. Had lots of good excuses why not, just not anything that sounds even half reasonable!! I am looking to change my eating habits ("here she goes again" I hear you all say!). As I said in my New Year entry I want to tone up and shape my body and to do that I need to eat more protein and cut out some of the carbs. And I'd like to say a big thankyou to Rae for her valuable advice. I am now upping my intake of lean meat and vegetables and cutting back on food like bread. I eat too much bread anyway. I know that I have to cut out (or cut back dramatically at least) on the alcohol. Being the honest person that I am, this is going to be a really hard thing for me to do. I am giving myself until the 1st February to gradually change what I'm eating and drinking rather than just going cold turkey (and also because it's my birthday on the 1st February and I want to have a few glasses of champers!!). I've already made a start and have cooked up some Chicken Burgers, which are absolutely delicious. I bought a couple of kilos of chicken mince (the lovely girl at the butcher stood and minced it for me as they didn't have any already done!) so at least I know that it's lean as she cut all the skin off for me too. I've also bought some lean beef mince and stocked up on the small tins of tuna. My main problem is vegetables. I like vegetables - no, I like SOME vegetables. Unfortunately mostly they're the higher carb laden vegetables, not the low GI ones that I should be eating. So what I thought I'd do is cook up some broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and sweet potato and then blend them all together and make them into little veggie rissoles that I can bake in the oven. I can freeze them and then just take them out as needed and zap in the microwave. I've already frozen the Chicken Burgers. This makes it a quick and easy meal when I get home from work. I can also feed this to my daughter, which makes life very easy! There is only one little niggle and this is that this way of eating won't fit in with the energy needed for my running. I know that I can probably include a banana here and there, and my supplements always give me that extra boost which helps greatly. I just don't want my body to give out on me. I suppose time will tell! Now a big hello to Bella (what a great name.....for champagne!) and also to Sekhmet for popping by. Always nice to meet new people. I've found a great workout in the latest Ultra-Fit Magazine. It's a small circuit that can be done at home using a Fitball, some hand weights, a Reebok Step and a Resistance Tube. Hubby is going to pick up the Resistance Bands today as he works quite near the place and I'm going to go and buy a Step tomorrow as I also work quite near the place that sells them. We also have an ulterior motive for buying these things. We both currently have gym memberships. Hubby, unfortunately does not utilize his enough to justify having the gym membership (squash excluded!!) so it's not worth him renewing his. I've used mine quite regularly but I am now at the point where I'm not really enjoying the place. I don't use the treadmills there like I used to as I am just so bored with them. The only good thing there are the classes, but as I don't go in the evenings, I don't benefit from them either. So we are not going to renew this year, but we are gradually buying enough equipment to set up our own little gym in our garage. The garage is big enough to do this as the previous owners of our house decided that a 3 car garage would add extra "value" to the house. So hopefully by the time that my membership expires we will have a fully working gym. Looking forward to a 10km run tomorrow evening along the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail with a likely looking lot of runners!!