Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday 9th January

Exercise: 7km Run (Mullum Mullum Creek Trail) Oh my aching legs!! Quads very sore tonight. I am now very aware of how little hill training I have done, and also how much I NEED to do! With the Oxfam Trailwalk there are a ton of hills to get up and down, and even though the strategy is to walk up them, the legs still need to be fit and able to do that, so there are now going to be lots more hill runs over the next few months. We also have to start increasing our long runs again. Because the last � marathon was in October, Michelle and I haven't actually done more than a 12km run since then. And as the next � marathon is at the end of April, we want to be in good shape by that time. So it means working up to being able to run 25km for our weekly long run. I'm just hoping that my hip doesn't start playing up again. That would NOT be good!