Monday, January 23, 2006

The Fridge

Finally got around to taking a photo of my fridge. On the top shelf are lots of bottles of water. Must have cold water on hand at all times! There's also a big bowl of cherries. Next shelf are the eggs. I never used to put my eggs in the fridge but I've had a couple of bad experiences with eggs now, so I've started putting them in the fridge to keep them fresh. There's also the tub of yoghurt that I add to my protein powder drink and a couple of chicken burgers. Next shelf is some cheese, some more yoghurts, and some lobster bits and mackerel that hubby eats (yuk!). Bottom shelf sees a loaf of bread. Once again, because of the heat it goes off too quickly if we don't keep it in the fridge. There's a few of Alana's yoghurts and some apples there too. The rest of the fruit and veg is in the crisper. In the door is a bigger container for water, along with all of our milk. We all drink different milk, me Skinny Milk, Hubby Soy Milk and Alana low fat lactose free! If I'd taken this photo on a Friday instead of a Sunday, there would have been virtually nothing in there apart from the water bottles as we shop on a Saturday normally!