Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday 20th January

Exercise: 5km Run (Local) Do you ever have one of those training sessions when nothing seems to want to work? My legs were like tree stumps this morning. I could not get them to go! I had no oomph at all in me. And it took me 15 minutes to talk myself into getting out of bed to even go for the run! It must have been the slowest 5km I've done in a long time. I looked down at my watch at one point and I hadn't even been running for 20 minutes but it felt like 40 minutes! I thought I'd try a different place to run and I ended up at the local footy ground. Did almost one lap and then got a bit of a scare as there was an old bloke hanging around the I ran back up to the main road. I was trying to keep away from the concrete as this seems to aggravate my hip if I run on it for too long, but as there's nowhere else locally that I can run that is grassed I had to carry on running on the footpath. As I only did 5km the hip was fine (phew!). On a happier note I've now got all the equipment needed for my little circuit session. I'm going to set it up tonight and give it a twirl. Just need to find the valve thingy that goes in the end of the bike pump so that I can pump the fitball up. Exciting isn't it!!!