Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday 22nd January

Exercise: 13km (Sherbrooke Forest) Well what a great run this morning. Knew it was going to be a hot day today (43 degrees) so was a little concerned about running in the heat, but up the mountain was so much cooler, with the added bonus of quite a strong breeze. I haven't been to Sherbrooke Forest in years so had forgotten how lovely it is. There are some great trails to run along, some flat, some uphill and some downhill. We met up with the running group who had organised the meet and everyone teamed up in little groups depending on speed. Michelle and I ran with 3 other girls who were around our pace, so it was nice not to have to keep up with the fast guys. If anyone is going to run in Sherbrooke Forest, it may be a good idea to print off a copy of all the trails to take with you as it is quite easy to lose your way (ahem!!), but all trails lead back to the main road so you don't stay lost for long!! We ended up running for about 80 minutes, and because it wasn't a hugely fast pace, I felt quite good when we'd finished. And to avoid the heat this afternoon I've been over to Michelles place to laze in and by her pool!! I'm now back home and have the evaporative cooling on full blast, but it's almost too hot for it to work properly!! PS: Knew my shoulders and arms were going to hurt today. Finding it a bit hard to raise them above my head without suffering pain!!