Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday 29th January

Exercise: 13.6km (Warby Trail) Well I crashed and burned this morning. Was supposed to run 15.8km along the Warby Trail but just ran out of steam, so only managed 13.6. The other guys (and Michelle of course) carried on but I jumped into TB's wife's car and met up with the group at Yarra Juction. I really didn't prepare very well. I knew it was going to be humid this morning yet I didn't drink much water yesterday. I also didn't eat properly. Not enough food, and definitely not enough GOOD food. I've learnt now! It won't happen again! Michelle and I are doing another long run next Sunday and this time I'm going to eat better and drink much more fluid (and not Champagne either!). On a good note, Michelle commented on how much slimmer my middle section looked this morning....I'm not sure that it actually is any thinner, it may have just been the top I was wearing - anyway I'll take any compliments I can right now!