Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday 31st January

Exercise: Weights, situps I'm so glad that I got up this morning to go to the gym. I could have easily talked myself out of it, but I felt so much better after I'd been. I made sure that I went to bed early last night so that there was no excuse not to get up!! Rae, I had a bit of a blonde moment, getting all confused with Glucosomine and L Glutamine - DOH!! I just didn't read your email properly. I've now read up on it and it sounds good. Will check out the health food shop soon! I had a bit of a disaster with some hamburgers I made on Sunday night. For some reason chicken mince seems to stick together much better than beef mince. I think I should have added an extra egg to glue it all together. Anyway they still tasted nice and hubby managed to keep some of them whole. The rest we just pretended was bolognese by adding tomato sauce to!! I'm having a day off tomorrow (it's my birthday) but have organised to meet Michelle at 6am for a nice easy run! It's also the first day back at school for my daughter so it's going to be a busy morning! Then hubby is taking me out for lunch somewhere up in the Dandenongs. Looking forward to that!! And isn't that cool change pleasant! I know that I love the warm weather but even I don't like it when its too hot. Give me 25 degrees and sunny any day!