Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday 9th February

Exercise: Weights, Situps It was a real half hearted attempt at the gym this morning. I did get up so I suppose that's something, but I just didn't have much energy so I only did half of the reps that I should have done. Doing Good Mornings just didn't come easy this morning! I gave in to the chocolate tonight. I was given a box of Lindt Balls last night (late birthday pressie) and they've been sitting in the fridge all day getting cold. I have no willpower (hangs head) but if I have to find something good about it (other than the fact that they're absolutely gorgeous) is that Hubby ate half the box so at least I only ate half of them. I could have easily sat and ate the whole box all by myself! I WILL be at the gym tomorrow morning doing 10km on the treadmill...pennance me thinks!!