Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday 11th February

Exercise: Weights, Situps I was up early this morning so that I could eat some breakfast before I went to the gym. I was going to run on the treadmill but as I've got a 20km run tomorrow I thought that I'd give my legs a break and do weights instead. The gym was busy. But hardly anyone was using the weight machines so instead of using the hand weights, which is where everyone else was, I used some machines today. Haven't used most of them for ages so it was nice to do something different. I even used the situp machine which I found difficult to get comfortable on. I've either got short legs or short arms (or both) as I couldn't reach the floor with my feet and my arms wouldn't go around the bit that they were supposed to go around properly. Now I hope this doesn't offend any smokers out there but I have to tell you what I saw when I walked out of the gym after my workout. There were two young women chatting to each other. They had both just finished at the gym and they were having a natter whilst puffing on a cigarette. I just stared at them....I mean how can you put in all that effort trying to get fit and healthy and then just destroy it all by filling your lungs full of crap. And right out the front of the gym no less!! Now I used to be a smoker, so I understand the addiction and all that, but I would have waited until I was either in the car or I'd got home. Okay, rant over!