Friday, February 17, 2006

Thursday 16th February

Exercise: 1000 Steps (twice) Ooh that hurt. I had it in my head that it'd be a piece of cake getting up those steps. Nobody told me that it was HARD!! Only me, Michelle and Tony tonight (everyone else had more sense!!). We started at a slow jog up the slight incline, which became a huge incline and a slow walk!! I was already exhausted and I hadn't even hit the steps yet! Michelle started in front and was doing a nice little jog up the steps but I had to walk them as my breath was coming in huge gasps....not a very nice sound I might add! We eventually made it up to the top. Tony being the fit person that he is ran most of the way up so he'd had a nice little rest while waiting for us to get there. We then had to make a decision on whether to run back down the steps or run down the trail near the steps that led back to the bottom. We decided on the trail....hmmm...the trail was very steep and we ran flat out for 10 minutes. It was really hard to slow down and my back really felt it as I had to keep leaning right back to slow down. I had Tony and Michelle in front of me so at least if I couldn't stop I had some cushioning..ha! The trail led back to the start of the 1000 steps again. Decision made to do the steps again (what were we thinking!). It was actually easier the second time as we paced ourselves a bit better. We ran back down the steps this time (well we walked actually) which was really hard work, trying to keep your footing, and there were other people walking up the steps too so it was a tight fit trying to pass them. All in all it was great training and I definitely want to do it again.