Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday 12th February

Exercise: 18.2km Run (Sherbrooke Forest) Michelle and I were going to run along the Dandy Creek Trail again but we found out that a large group were going to meet up at Sherbrooke Forest and run around there. Much more fun to run in a group so we ended up there at 8am this morning. A lovely morning, although a bit nippy at first. Didn't take long to warm up though. I was going to wear my 3/4 length pants but was glad that I'd worn the shorts instead. We ran with a couple of girls who we'd run with the last time we'd been up at Sherbrooke Forest. As we didn't really know the forest very well we ended up on some new tracks which were quite challenging and we ended up having to walk up one of the hills. It was just too steep and too rocky to run up it!! Unfortunately Gav dediced that he didn't want to do any work this morning (couldn't pick up a GPS signal) so I only used him for my heartrate monitoring. And I'd got one of my preferences wrong on him so the timer kept stopping. I think I've got it sussed out now!! And who did we see running around the tracks....none other thanSonia O'Sullivan