Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wednesday 1st March

Exercise: Weights, Situps I nearly didn't get out of bed this morning as my legs were just so sore. But then I thought rationally. I wasn't going to the gym to work legs, just my upper body, and that wasn't sore, so there was really no excuse!! Was supposed to be doing some speed work tonight but I honestly thought that I could give myself an injury if I try and run with my legs being this stiff and sore. So I pulled out of the session. I would have like to do this session though as it really helps with my running, even if I grumble and whinge about it at the time!! On a better note, I've got me a new car!! Well not NEW, but secondhand new! My trusty old Magna is on it's last legs and so we've been looking around for another car. So I've now got a later model Magna (such a good car) and it goes like sh*t off a shovel! I just need to get the windows tinted and it'll be perfect. In my head I'd also like to get it lowered, put mag wheels on it, and put a big stereo with a subwoofer in too, but I keep forgetting that I'm not a young girle anymore, I'm a mature woman!!