Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday 27th February

Exercise: Weights, Situps/Netball There was this girl at the gym this morning who stood in front of a person using a machine, just waiting. The fact that she could have used 10 other machines that were free didn't seem to enter her brain. If somebody does this to me I usually take even longer to use the machine (that evil streak comes out in me). And she didn't do it just once, but I saw her do it at least twice. Okay, rant over!! I'm now playing Netball....yep that's right, Netball! I've played Netball since I was about 10 years old, even getting picked for the area team once (this was when I was much younger). I used to play 3 times a week and train twice a week...I loved playing Netball. I stopped playing when I was about 22 due to alot of relationship turmoil at the time. Then when I went to the UK I found a team to play with. Only played one season as it was outside and it was always raining!! I've now been asked to play in a team with Michelle (my running buddy). Of course I jumped at the chance, not even considering the fact that I haven't played for 12 years, I'd have to cut my nails, and it's also in the evening (and I'm never motivated to do anything in the evening). I went to buy a skirt to play in....what a hassle!! KMart, BigW, Target - none of them sell adult Netball skirts. I went to Rebel and they had them there, but not in my size. And while we're talking about sizing, I can fit comfortably into most size 10 pants. However with a netball skirt I am struggling to fit into a size 16 comfortably! What's with the sizes of the skirts???? Anyway I eventually found a girl's size 16 skirt in BigW. To say that it is a little snug is an understatement! At least it gives me some motivation to lose a bit more weight so that it fits comfortably. My muffin top currently sits proudly over the top of the skirt!! Oh yeah, we lost our game! 27 to 18 :0(