Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday 4th March

Exercise: 30km Bike Ride (Dandy Creek Trail) Oh my aching new bike is supposed to have this all singing, all dancing newly designed seat which makes the ride extra comfortable....try telling that to my bum, it's sore as!! Michelle and I waned to do this ride to see what the Dandy Creek Trail was like on the other side of Jells Park. We normally only run one side of it and turn around when we get to Jells Park. It actually goes through the park and ends up all the way down at Carrum. So after we eventually find each other at Jells Park (it's a big place!!) we try and find the trail and where it goes out of the park. Fifteen minutes later we have to cycle back to Michelles car to check the Melways as we couldn't find it. Once we got our bearings, we set off and found it straight away. A great ride with hardly anyone on the trail. There were plenty of places to stop, there were toilets available at some of the parks that we rode through and it was pretty shaded on most of the track. We only got to Dandenong as it was starting to get a bit late, but we both want to do a full ride from Jells Park to Carrum and back, which would take us about 4 hours, and we also want to do a run from Jells Park to Carrum and get one of the hubby's to meet us at the end to drive us back. Can't wait for the next ride!!