Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday 19th March

Exercise: 27km Run - Warby Trail I'd had a text message from Michelle on Friday asking if I was up for a long run today. Of course I said YES, not realising that after being in a car for 10 hours, and driving half of that time that I'd be absolutely exhausted. And the fact that we were all meeting at 7am still has me shaking my head at how I actually even got up and got ready in time!! This is the longest distance I've run now. It was great to run in a group again. Me, Michelle, TigerBoy, Eat Em, EJM and Rogo all met at Wandin, ran up to Mt Evelyn where we stopped for a toilet break, then continued on down to Lilydale, where we said goodbye to Rogo (he'd actually run up to meet us from Lilydale so had already run 10km when he met up with us!!). We then turned around and ran back up to Mt Evelyn, stopping for another toilet break (phew!) and back on down to Wandin. EJM then said her goodbyes, whereas the rest of us continued on down to Seville, turned around and ran back to Wandin. The turn back from Seville was definitely the hardest for me as it was a 3.5km incline all the way back. My legs were so tingly sore when we got back that it hurt to stand on them and I had to sit down while we were chatting or I may have just fallen down! And then when I got home I sat and watched both Marathons on the TV. I had tears streaming down my face when Kerryn McCann came running into the G. It was such an emotional race. I hope I wasn't the only one sooking!