Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Holiday!

So a bit about the holiday to Sydney. It was great weather for most of the time. The sun was shining and it was really warm. Even at night it didn't get below about 19 degrees. The traffic in Sydney is terrible, and most of the drivers are crazy, especially bus drivers!! We had to hang on for dear life!! We did the harbour cruise and wandered around the outside of the Opera House. Went to Darling Harbour a couple of times and found a place there that makes the best chicken and salad rolls. I could only eat half of it, that's how big it was!! I met up the with lovely M as well. Hubby took Alana into the Aquarium whilst me and M enjoyed a glass of champers or two sitting out on the boardwalk at Darling Harbour, watching everyone walk by and putting the world to rights!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and wished we could have stayed longer. We also went up to see my brother and his family. They live just past the end of the M2 motorway, so we had to navigate our way through the city to get to the motorway. All was going well until we came out of the Harbour tunnel. We realised at the last minute that the cash paying toll booth was on the far left and we had come out of the tunnel in the far right hand lane,so we had to try and get over 4 lanes of traffic....that was a bit hair-raising I have to tell you! The last couple of days we spent relaxing by the pool and just soaking up some rays. We did wander down to Coogee and I'm not sure why everyone makes a big deal about this place. It was really busy, hardly any parking and the prices of food and drink were so expensive.....but that's Sydney really isn't it? The drive to and from Sydney were very easy, due to the fact that it's a 2 lane highway all the way there and back. I'm glad to be home!