Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday 31st March

Exercise: 9.6km Run - Mullum Mullum Creek Trail Yet another run along the MMCT!! If I didn't have Michelle to yak to I might consider that it's getting a bit boring running the same trail 4 days in a row, but as we just chat, chat, chat, I don't really think about it! I'm having a rest day tomorrow....yay! And I'm really looking forward to sleeping in. Can't remember the last time that I didn't have to get out of bed before 7am! Forgot to put up this picture. This is when M & I met up in Sydney. Luckily you can't see my green hair (long story)....okay, okay I'll tell you about it. One afternoon I sat in the spa at the apartments that we were staying at and it wasn't until the next day, when I was straightening my hair that I noticed the ends had turned green. Of course this happened to be the day that I was meeting M, so just had to grin and bear it. Even M noticed it, so it must have been pretty bad!! An emergency call to my hairdresser in Melbourne (who luckily is also one of my oldest friends) gave me the necessary information I needed to go out and purchase some shampoo to take out the majority of the green....phew!!