Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday 11th April (Afternoon)

Exercise: Gym - Weights (Arms) When I walked into the gym today I noticed from my reflection in the mirrors (which I try to avoid looking at) that the work pants I'm wearing today are looking a little bit baggy. When I bought these pants a few months ago they were quite "snug" and the pockets on the sides flared just a little bit because of the "snugness" of them. This seems to be no longer happening. The pockets are now sitting nice and flat. The strange thing is that my weight hasn't really changed at all, yet my body shape has changed. I seem to be losing my waist and my bum, yet my hips and baby belly stay firmly in place!! And I'm not losing any weight whatsoever from my boobs (phew says hubby!!). I always thought that this is the first area that women lose weight. And the weirdest thing is that I hadn't really noticed the change until today!! Lightbulb moment!! No full length mirror at home means no real studying of body shape!!