Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday 9th April

Exercise: 14.7km Run for the Kids Race Was quietly enjoying my porridge this morning when I heard Tiger Boy arrive, as he was picking me up...he was 20 minutes early!!! Raced around like an idiot getting everything together. Picked up Beki on the way through and then drove over to Michelles place so we can all drive up in a convoy! Managed to find a parking space not too far away from the start. God it was cold this morning. The wind was biting - so why the hell did I wear shorts???? Had 3 layers on the top though, which was an absolute necessity! Met up with some of the other Ausrunners, chucked our bags in at the bag van and then made our way to the start line. I was really surprised that we got quite near the front and it wasn't chockers or anything. When the gun went off it only took us a minute to get past the start line and there wasn't too much of a squeeze to get through the first km either......very impressed so far. The rest of the race went by in a blur. Running through the Domain Tunnel was a bit weird though as it got very hot inside. For some reason Michelle and I ran very fast through that section of the course (Michelle did tell me that she didn't like being in the tunnel so maybe that had a bit to do with it!). Once back out of the tunnel it was good to smell the fresh air again!! The last couple of km's were a bit hard for me as I seemed to run out of energy. I didn't want to get my drink out as it's a hassle to put back sometimes. I often question why I bother to run with a drink bottle when I hardly ever drink from it. I might try turning it around next time and have the drink bottle at the front rather than the back. Might make it a bit easier to take out an dput back in the holder. Forgot to buy some Sport Jelly Beans, which probably would've helped me through the last 4km or time!! We got to the finish line and it was absolutely heaving with people. Found Eat Em straight away. Wandered off to get my bag. Queue was quite long but it didn't take long to get through. While in the queue, caught up with EJM who ran a great race. Once everyone had met up we walked back to the cars, dropped our stuff off and then made for the closest pub to have a bevvy or two and a good natter about the race. Somehow I've been talked into doing the Great Train Race with Beki....not sure how that happened!! Oh yeah, our time for 14.7km was 1hr 22 mins, with Michelle dragging me along over the last 2kms!