Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday 18th April

Exercise: Weights (Back) Whilst lying in bed last night I realised that every time I moved my legs hurt, so I made the decision not to run this morning. Wise choice. Getting out of bed was very painful and the legs are definitely feeling it today. But I did get to the gym for a weight workout. I was supposed to start the Simplicity diet today, but unfortunately didn't know what I was supposed to be eating as Beki had the information and I didn't get to see her this morning. So I just ate what I thought was good for me. Litebix for breakfast (is 4 too many?) Grapes Breakfast Bar (Sesame & Almond) Thai Chicken Salad Aero Choc Mousse (98% fat free) Jarrah Chocolatte drink (needed a late chocolate fix) Chicken Lasagne & Salad Oh yeah, there was just a small blip.....there were a few chips left in a bag that hubby had left for me. They're gone now! Beki's going to drop the info over tonight so at least tomorrow I'll know what the plan is!!