Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday 17th April

Exercise: 26.45km Run (My place to MMCT & back) So glad I got out there today and did my long run. I felt so guilty about not meeting up with the ESRG on Saturday. TigerBoy drove over to my place and we ran from here to Beki's house. We went the long way round as I had to make up some kilometres. Hills....lots of them on the way to Beki's house! By the time we got there I was already gasping for breath. We then ran down to the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail which was a much more pleasant run as it was fairly flat. Turned around and came back again, stopping at Beki's to drop her off. We then had the option of doing the short cut home, or going back the way we came. Decided on the way we'd come but for some reason I had thought that the hills we'd run on the way to Beki's place were mainly uphill, so was looking forward to running down the hills on the way back to my place. God knows how but I got it all wrong. It was uphill nearly all the way home!! Legs were very sore, especially my calves and I had to sit down on the floor when I got inside as they just wouldn't support me any more. I downed a protein drink straight away and did some stretching, which helped loads. I want to thank TB for offering to come and run with me this morning. If he hadn't come with me I probably wouldn't have run the distance I did. And I also want to thank Beki for her company too. It meant that TB couldn't drag me along at a hundred mile an hour, which is what he did on the way over to Beki's place (well it felt like it anyway TB!). Looking forward to a nice easy jog tomorrow morning along MMCT...again!