Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday 22nd April

Exercise: 22.5km Run - Dandy Creek Trail Winter is approaching fast - I can really feel a chill in the air now. I'm seriously thinking about getting some compression tights to wear under my 3/4 pants. Met up with Michelle bright and early (8am) and we were greeted with a dry morning (yay!!). See, it doesn't always rain when I run. Had alot to catch up on, so the first 11km went by in a blur. Did I tell you that I'd found some chocolate flavoured gels?? Tried one this morning and I'll be going back to buy more!! They are just divine. So easy to get down!! Thankyou chocolate gods!! Got back to the car park with energy to spare! Just the legs letting me down a little. Hopefully wearing the compression tights will take away some of the pain....oh goody, more shopping!! Off to Michelle's party tonight - it's going to be a good evening!!