Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday 25th April

Exercise: 11.5km Run - Belgrave/Menzies Creek. Couldn't decide if I wanted to run with the group this morning as I have a huge list of things that need doing, and today would have been the perfect opportunity to cross some of them off. I'd actually already told Beki that I wasn't going to run, but somehow I ended up changing my mind (must have been the thought of a nice cooked breakfast afterwards!!). There was a great turnout this morning. Probably about 20 people including some from CR and some Ausrunners. And the sun was shining...didn't have high hopes when I left home though as it was cold and very foggy, but once I was past Boronia, the fog was all gone! We ran along part of the course for the Great Train Race, which I'm doing with Beki on the 7th May, so it was good to get a feel for the terrain (which is mostly bloody hills!!). Once all the running was out of the way, most of us headed over to a lovely Tea House in Sassafras for a well earned breakfast. As usual I totally embarassed myself by thinking that somebody was trying to take a chair from our table, and refused to let him have it, when it was one of the people who had run with us and wanted to sit at the table (Sorry Plodder!!). I had Gav on this morning and unfortuantely he did keep dropping the GPS signal, but I reckon the run was between 11 and 11.5km, maybe a little bit more. Good run, enjoyed most of it (apart from the BIG hills where I had to walk!). Alana's Quote: "I don't think you should be on the computer, you should be working" (putting my "TO DO" list in front of me!).