Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday 28th April

Having nobody to run with this morning I decided not to run at all. I'm not very good at motivating myself to get out of bed when I'm not meeting up with anybody, especially when it's not very warm outside at 5.30am and the bed is!! I'm doing a partial liquid diet today. It seems to be working quite well, so far. Breakfast: Protein Shake Morning Tea: Grapes, Coffee Lunch: Wendys Iced Coffee Chilla (substitute Ice Cream for Low Fat Frozen Yoghurt) Afternoon Tea: Mandarin Have also been sipping on water during the day. I still have another protein shake in my lunch box and some low fat cream cheese with sweet chilli sauce, which I haven't got around to eating yet due to my not really being very hungry. One thing I have noticed though is that I have walked a groove into the carpet from my office to the ladies toilets!! Did everyone watch The Biggest Loser last night? I got nice and comfy on the couch, and then proceeded to fall asleep after Artie came out, so missed all the weigh ins, apart from Kristy and Adro, which is when I woke up, so at least I know who won it!! Unfortunately Alana has turned into a reality TV junkie - she loves Big Brother and already knows everything that is happening in the house!! Alana's Quote: "It really bothers me having to shower!"