Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday 4th May

Exercise: 10km Run - Mullum Mullum Creek Trail Another great run this morning. Met up with Beki at the usual haunt and proceeded to drag her through the whole 10km as I felt like doing a fast run (I was so up for this). My hat goes off to her for being able to still hold a conversation and keep up (not that she couldn't anyway!!). I'm not sure why but whenever I run with Beki I always tend to run faster. I think it's probably because she is more conscious of her times, whereas I'm more about distance and I love that she is getting faster and faster....well done Beki!! I'm not sure what to do about my run tomorrow. Once again I'm Billy no mates. Beki is going to rest and Michelle can't come out to play either. I suppose I have to ask myself if I'm motivated enough to get out of bed and run on my own?? And after that huge chocolate binge yesterday I've only put on 200gm (phew!!). I really couldn't justify eating anything more than some yoghurt last night, although a glass of champers would have gone down well!! Alana's Quote: "Mum are you sure you're telling the truth??"