Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday 3rd May

Well I have some good news and some bad news!! I may as well start with the bad news....okay, where do I start... I ate some chocolate today - no wait for it - I ate a HUGE amount of chocolate today. May as well list what I ate, are you ready for this?? Cherry Ripe Bag of Licorice Allsorts Bag of Orange Flavoured Chocolate Bullets 3 Mint Lindt Balls. Took me about an hour all up to eat the lot!! God only knows what I was thinking when I bought it all. And it didn't even make me feel sick when it was all gone. How bad is that! So to the good news. The Cherry Ripe had a competition where you SMS whatever the code is inside the wrapper. So I did...and I won this! Cadbury Competition Need to do some serious thinking about my binge and the consequences. Have already spoken to Hubby and he's shed some light on a few things that may have triggered it. To top it all off I didn't run today. My knee still has a bit of a twinge so I thought it best to have a day off. I need it to be right for Sunday so I'd better take care of it and utilise some of Stu Mac's tips (thanks Captain).