Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday 13th May

Exercise: 26km Run - Dandy Creek Trail I had a really full day today. Had to go and get my hair highlighted and cut this morning, and as I was meeting Michelle at 2.30pm there wasn't any point going home as I was quite close to Jells Park. So I went up to the local shopping centre and bought myself one of those knee compression thingys that you pull up over your knee to give it some support. Thought it might help with my running a little bit. Met up with Michelle and we started off on our maiden adventure on the other side of the Dandy Creek Trail. Within about 3km I had to take the compression support thing off as it was just too tight and I was finding it really hard to run. So I ran the rest of the way without it. The trail on the other side is relatively flat and quite scenic. There is alot more concrete than on the east side of the trail though. The first 13km were fairly easy, although we did tend to run a bit faster than we wanted to without even realising it!! Had to keep checking our pace so that we could slow down if necessary. Once we'd turned and headed back the pace was a bit slower. Unfortunately at about the 20km mark I got a really bad pain in the toe next to my pinky. Had to stop, take off my shoe and give it a bit of a massage. Once we got going it was fine again. Unfortunately it was about this time that my knee started to play up. It was quite painful getting going again, but once I was back into a rythmn it wasn't too bad. Had to stop once more and the same thing happened. Think I may need to get it checked out (sigh!!). Once we'd finished our run, I drove back over to the chemist that I'd bought the compression support thing from and exchanged it for a more flexible one which has magnets in it!! Not really sure what the magnets do but it looked much more comfortable than the other one. Then I headed for the supermarket to do the weekly food shopping. I really wasn't up for this as I was tired, my knee hurt and I wanted something to eat! One good thing to come out of shopping was that I found another knee support thing, made by Elastoplast, so I bought that too. Well you can never have enough knee support things you know!! And I found out today that there is a Dan Murphy's in Boronia, so I popped in there and bought a couple of bottles of Bella at the discount price of $10.50!! How cheap is that! (for all you non Bella drinkers, it normally costs $17.00).