Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday 14th May

Exercise: 8km Run - Mothers Day Classic Wasn't quite ready when Beki and Andy arrived at 6.30am to pick me up for the race. Had to shovel down the porridge at double quick pace!! Luckily I'd organised everything last night so I was happy that I hadn't forgotten anything! I was also happy that by the time we got to the event it had stopped raining (phew!). Met up with EJM, Karina & Crissy, who were all running today. Stu also came along to cheer everyone on, and volunteered to be chief bag holder (well he had nothing else to do did he!). The Astroboy bag really suited him! Michelle, Marty and their brood of kids arrived too, so it was a good Ausrunner turnout. We waved goodbye to Karina and Crissy who were doing the 4km run, and waited for our turn. As Michelle and I had done our long run yesterday, for us this was just a slow recovery run. We wern't looking to do any PB's, just keep the legs moving! When our turn came, we all moved over to the start line and waited for the gun. Beki and EJM raced off as they were both looking for PB's. Michelle and I plodded up the Anderson Street hill, behind a huge wave of people. It probably took us about 4km to actually loosen up enough to pick up the pace a little bit. Second time up the hill was a little faster and the last couple of km we upped the pace a little more. It was great to see the Ausrun cheersquad as we neared the finish line. Unofficial time was 50.19, but will wait and see what they have on the website when the official times are announced. Congratulations to Beki and EJM for running PB's and also to Karina for her debut fun run. Thanks to Andy for driving this morning and being Chief Photographer. We all raced back to the meeting point area where there were lots of chairs and tables set up. Out came the champagne and nibbles. A great morning with some great company. Hope there's more of these to come. Alana's Quote: "Good luck Mum, hope you win a medal!"