Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday 24th May

Calf Update! Thankyou all for your concern about my calf (ba%*&rd thing that it is!!). I have iced it, kept the compression bandage on and generally kept off it as much as I can and I'm happy to report that it feels much better today. There is still a really small pull when I tense it, but that may be because I've got the bandage done up too tightly, or because I wear 3 inch heels for work!! I'm definitely going to run tomorrow to see how it feels. If there's any pain, then I'll stop....honest guv, I will!! Meeting Michelle for a lunch time run. I can't remember the last time that I ran during work time. Luckily we have showers where I work. I went and inspected them today just to make sure that they were clean, otherwise I would have met Michelle at the gym, which is just down the road, and used their showers instead! We were talking about running the hills of Chirnside Park, but have decided to do a fairly flat course, and trust me there aren't too many of them around here, just so that I don't put too much pressure on the calf. If everything feels okey dokey, we're going to run on Friday morning as well!! Whilst I was running the GOR, I was having some really negative thoughts. Definitely wasn't going to run any more 1/2 marathons, the full marathon in October was a no starter, and even Trailwalker 2007 was going to have to do without me!! It was really bad. Does anyone else ever have these negative feelings when the running isn't good?? Is it just me?? Happy to say that all thoughts of not running these races have disappeared and I'm back on track....well I would be if this stupid calf gets better soon!! My eating this week has been really good. My only small downfall is that as it gets colder I really have no urge to drink water. I keep a 2 litre bottle on my desk and it's getting harder and harder to drink a full bottle each day. Alana's Quote: Me: "Yes you are going to Aunty Kims on Friday" Alana:"No Mum, that's just not going to happen!"