Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday 22nd May

Exercise: Netball Game Can you hear me screaming yet??? Can't believe that I've pulled my calf again while playing Netball tonight. I was fine until nearly half time when this stupid girl from the other team hit me in the face and I tried to avoid her and moved awkwardly....aaaggghhhh!! Why is this happening to me??? NOT HAPPY!!! I've now iced it, wrapped the compression bandage round the calf again and will not run until Thursday. On a better note, I ate really well today. No chocolate, no junk, just good wholesome food and my protein shakes. But my calf....aaaggghhhhh!! At least the Williamstown Half will be pigging hills!! We may even get under 2 hours this time. And it looks like it's going to be a nice sunny day..Woohoo!!