Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday 25th May

Exercise: 10km Run - Lunchtime North Croydon/Chirnside Park Yay, my calf felt fine when I ran at lunch today. Michelle drove up and met me at work so we ran from there, via Fernwood for a quick loo stop!! I wanted to run a fairly flat course, which is pretty difficult because of where I work, but we managed to do fairly flat apart from one hill which we just couldn't avoid. It was nice to get to the top and then turn around and run back down it again!! Had a slight run in with the shower at work though. I got in, turned the water on and a huge fountain came out from where the shower head meets the arm, so I am now sitting here with rather wet hair. Must invest in a shower cap me thinks!! I'm actually looking forward to running at Williamstown on Sunday. For some reason I have a really good feeling about idea why either. I just hope that my better eating will do wonders for my running (we can only hope!!). Alana's Quote: "Mummy can we catch a cloud and keep it inside?"