Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday May 26th

Exercise: 10km Run - Mullum Mullum Creek Trail I was having the weirdest dream when the alarm woke me at 5.30am this morning. Won't go into any detail but let's just say that I was in the bathroom and an old irish lady was in there as well chatting about what was in the newspaper I was reading!! Anyone out there know anyting about interpreting dreams as I'd sure love to figure out what that one was all about!! I'd forgotten what it was like to get up so early!! And it was so cold this morning (down to about 4 degrees!!). Where I live is in a gully so it was really foggy too. Wasn't too bad once I got to where Michelle and I meet, and the trail was fairly light, but I had no intentions of taking my jacket off this morning, even once I'd warmed up. Will have to consider what I'm going to wear on Sunday. It's supposed to be fine but if it's cold then I don't think I'll be donning shorts and t-shirt!! It'll be more like Skins, shorts, crop top bra, singlet, long-sleeve shirt and jacket, with gloves and hat!! Calf is feeling tons better now, thank goodness. My only niggle now seems to be my fourth toe on my left foot. For some reason it is very painful once I've run a distance. I might end up going to a Podiatrist to see if there's some reason for it. I tried running on the balls of my feet this morning and it only aggravated the toe and made it hurt more. I'm going to buy those little toe sock bandaids that give a bit of cushioning and see if that makes a difference. I may even get out my new Hurricane 7's and give them a whirl to see if it's maybe my new Hurricane 6's that are causing the problem. I ran in my old 6's yesterday and I can't remember feeling any pain at all. Alana's Quote: "I still love you Mum, even when you shout at me!"