Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday 1st June

Exercise: 10km Run - Lunchtime (North Croydon) The sun was out and it was a perfect day for a run. I wore my new coolmax t-shirt that I'd bought at the Sri Chinmoy Willimastown 1/2 last week and it kept me nice and warm and was just right, clothing wise. Everything seemed to flow really well today. My toe didn't hurt, my calf wasn't sore at all and I felt really good running. Poor Michelle on the other hand was having one of those bad run days! I know what she was feeling as I have plenty of these runs too! Now that Michelle and I have put our cards on the table about what we both want from our running I feel so much happier. I feel like the pressure has been taken off me and I can enjoy my running again. I'm probably going to enter the Melbourne 1/2 Marathon rather than the full. Knowing the course gives me the added advantage of being prepared this year. And I can be at the finish line to cheer Michelle when she finishes the full marathon....and I can be ready with the camera too! Alana's Quote: "I hate pears" Me: "How do you know that as you've never eaten one" Alana: "I just hate them!"