Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday 27th May

Exercise: Weights (Back, Chest)& Pilates Class Did my first ever Pilates class this morning. Not really sure what I was expecting but didn't realise that the class was going to be held with the lights OFF!! Yep, we did the whole class in the dark - weird I know!! I've been told that my stomach may be a bit sore tomorrow as it was all based around the pelvic floor and making sure that it was pulled up the whole time. Took me a while to get the breathing thing. Not used to only breathing in for 1 second and then trying to breathe out for 3 seconds. I think I'd just got the hang of it by the end of the class!! My back is a little bit sore due to my working in the garden this afternoon. Due to my lack of time (and laziness!!) the garden was overrun with weeds so I got out there and tried to make it look a bit more like a garden again!! I bought a little gel tube for my toe. Will see how it goes tomorrow. I've decided to wear my old Hurricane 6's rather than the new ones to see if it makes a difference to my toe. Weather forecast has changed for the worse!! They are now predicting showers in the morning and about 8 degrees, so it's definitely going to be winter attire!! I have to be at Michelle's place at 6.15am!! Think an early night is called for, so I'd better go get my stuff ready and hop into my nice cozy warm bed!! See you all tomorrow! Looking forward to that Apple Pie!!